At Ingham’s Powder Coating, we get all kinds of requests from individuals and businesses wanting to know if we can powder coat specific kinds of items. The answer is pretty straightforward—if it’s metal, we can coat it. Here are a few of the items we powder coat on a regular basis:

  • Car, truck and motorcycle wheels (“rims”)
  • Automobile and truck parts
  • Motorcycle frames
  • Metal chairs and benches
  • Antiques
  • Milk cans
  • Metal signs
  • Golf course equipment
  • Sprint cars
  • Trailers
  • Manufacturing samples
  • Trade show items
  • Display racks
  • Food processing equipment (using FDA and USDA approved coatings)
  • Custom railings
  • Architectural metal
  • Office furniture
  • Electronic parts

Curious to see some sample projects? Sample coating projects include wheels and rims, commercial jobs, motorcycles, and custom coatings. Visit our gallery to see more!

Looking for powder coating for your business? Visit our Commercial Powder Coating section.

Samples of our powder coating services jobs - railings, rims, and more