Powder Coating

  • How large can items be for powder coating?

    Our powder coating oven can fit items up to 10 feet X 10 feet X 24 feet.
  • How large can items be for burn-off or media blasting?

    We have a large burn-off oven that measures 7 feet X 7 feet X 13 feet, and we can accommodate items up to 12 feet X 12 feet X 30 feet for media blasting.
  • What kinds of metal can be powder coated?

    If it’s metal, we powder coat it! That includes steel, aluminum, brass, copper or iron—virtually any type of metal.
  • Why should I choose powder coating over paint?

    Powder coating is more durable than wet paint and is 3X harder than car paint.
  • What kinds of metal can be burned off?

    We can adjust our oven temperature for various types of metals, allowing us to completely remove unwanted material without damaging the underlying metal. We can provide burn-off for steel, iron and cast iron.
  • Will the heat damage the metal?

    No. No portion of the metal will ever get hot enough to cause damage or change the shape or properties of the metal.
  • Sandblasting vs media blasting?

    Sandblasting uses air to force sand particles on a surface to remove dirt and paint. In the past, silica sand particles made up the bulk of these abrasives. The silica particles, however, posed a health risk. Media blasting has since replaced sandblasting in the powder coating industry. Media blasting includes small beads of plastic, glass, or even ground walnut shells. This media is thrust through high-pressure tools for surface preparation prior to powder coating.
  • Can you powder coat chrome rims?

    Yes! If it’s metal, we can coat it. Moreover, we’ll properly clean and prep your rims before we powder coat them for maximum adhesion and durability.
  • Can you powder coat brake calipers?

    When it comes to customizing your components like brake calipers, powder coating is a much better option than painting. It’s more durable and gives them a smooth, professional surface. Powder coating brake calipers needs to be done professionally, however, since it requires extensive cleaning and prep prior to the actual powder coat. Remanufactured parts can look like new through our professional powder coating services.
  • How long does powder coating last?

    Powder coating can typically last as long as 15-20 years depending on the type of powder used as well as environmental factors such as UV exposure, wear and tear, abrasive weather, etc.
  • How long does powder coating take?

    From start to finish, most powder coating jobs takes approximately 1-3 hours to complete. That includes approximately 15-45 minutes of applying the coating and 30-40 minutes to bake after the coating is applied, plus any additional time required depending on the type of product being coated. Please note that turnaround time depends on how busy our team is and how many products you need to have coated. Contact us to get a quote and estimated turnaround time for your custom project.
An assembly of powder coated materials
An assembly of powder coated materials